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For your public address projects, as a dealer, our competent contact persons offer you personal care and first-class support for your projects.

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In order to see the dealers' prices, you must be logged in and registered as a dealer.

Please register as a customer on our website (register now) and send us your trade license or dealer certificate (current commercial register extract) to info@phoenix-pa.com or by fax to +49 (0) 8061 / 495 603-1. Please make a note of the e-mail address under which you have registered.

Once you have been registered by us as a dealer, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. From the next registration in our shop you will see the dealer prices.

Dealer price list

Alternatively, as a dealer, you can also download our current dealer price lists here:

Dealer price list 2022 / Version 2.0 PHOENIX Professional Audio (as of 8/2022) 0.5 MB, pdf (Password required)
Dealer price list 2022 / Version 1.0 MIPRO (exclusively for Phoenix customers) (as of 4/2022) 0.3 MB, pdf
Dealer price list 2022 / Version 1.0 VISSONIC (as of 4/2022) 0.7 MB, pdf

Software Downloads

As a certified dealer you will find the software for your Phoenix product in the current version for download here: Downloads (Password required)


In case of problems or questions please contact us:
Tel.: +49 (0) 8061 - 4956030 or email: info@phoenix-pa.com