Mobile sound systems for funeral directors

.....Acoustic solutions for the funeral industry: Contemporary farewells with a dignified sound

Our mobile PA systems, which are excellent for voice and music transmission in the funeral sector, are perfectly tailored to the acoustic requirements both outdoors, such as in cemeteries or at funeral marches, as well as in funeral halls or chapels. We offer you intelligent, portable sound technology that we have developed ourselves and with the quality promise MADE IN EU, which will reliably accompany you during the professional funeral. As a sales partner of MIPRO Germany GmbH, we also offer you numerous mobile radio systems from the "MIPRO" brand at favorable conditions.

All of our systems are easy to use, quick to set up, flexible to use, weatherproof and robust.

ZP-X series

Perfect for cemeteries, funeral halls and more: The ZP-X...

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