ZP-X series

Perfect for large processions: The ZP-X series mobile sound systems with digital radio system ensure stable radio transmission and a wide range.

The digital radio transmission system installed in the mobile PA systems ZP-"X" from PHOENIX now offers even more security against radio interference¹) : By so-called "pairing" between the radio receiver and transmitter, a digitally encoded closed "radio bridge" is created, which prevents the intrusion of other unpaired and unauthorized wireless connections. The innovative digital radio system also offers you a choice of 16 channels with a frequency deviation of 500 Hz in the currently used HF spectrum²). With regard to the current radio problems³) PHOENIX offers you particularly reliable digital performance.

1) e.g. radio noise  2) 500, 600 or 800 MHz frequency range depending on the model  3) In particular increased frequency requirements in the analog frequency spectrum and ever "narrower" free frequency gaps

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