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Mobile DSP Beam Steering Line Array System with Audio Mixer. For an outstanding sound at live events, music events and more.
SUB 2 x 8" / 250 W,
8 x 20 W Class-D,
HF-1 x magnetostat + 4 x 1",
MP3 player with BT receiver

Category: Beam Steering Line Arrays

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The mobile DSP Beam Steering Speaker System PV-1 LIVE provides great sound at live events, music events and more. 

Version with audio mixer, SUB 2 x 8"/ 250W, 8 x 20W Class-D, HF-1 x magnetostat + 4 x 1", MP3 player with BT receiver (direct connection via Bluetooth-enabled devices). 

The innovative digital active speaker system PV-1 LIVE is used wherever music reproduction and speech intelligibility require an acoustically professionally designed result: social live events, political meetings, theater plays, museums, lobbies but also churches, theme parks and clubs are places which emphasize the acoustic advantages of the PV-1 LIVE system - whether mobile or in permanent installation

Thanks to the integrated state-of-the-art Beam Steering Technology, the system offers a more direct sound and less reflected sound energy - and thus excellent acoustic results. Thanks to electronic sound steering, the sound of the PV-1 LIVE system is much louder and clearer than the sound of conventional systems, that strikes the listener indirectly as a reflection from walls, windows, ceiling or floor.

The control software is your access to easy installation: By entering fewer project parameters, the system calculates and designs the acoustic BEAM for you.

For perfect spatial equalization, several parametric filters (10 x PEQ), delay, limiter, noise gate, volume control, etc. are also available in the system software.

The speaker system PV-1 LIVE is characterized by its very convenient and simple mechanical and electrical concept - for fast "on-site" assembly and disassembly.

All three components (1 x woofer and 2 x top array segments) can be quickly and easily connected (plugged) so that no additional speaker stands or electrical lines are needed. The components fit easily into the trunk of a car.

The built-in ON BOARD mixer with 4 x MIC-LINE (XLR) input provides many connectivity options for live events or fixed installations.

The powerful bass module, equipped with 2 x 8" woofers, provides a precise reproduction of the bass in the frequency range 30 Hz-250 Hz, suitable for all musical instruments as well as for voice and music reproduction.

The integrated digital PWM power amplifiers, along with the support of the audio DSP system, provide the 3.5" neodymium system chassis used for the frequency range (MF-HF).

Optional accessories: Matching bag / protective cover (complete SET for woofers and top array segments) for storage and transportation: PV-LIVE-COVER.


Fig.: PV-LIVE series - Application example



  • Audio mixer on board
  • SUB 2 x 8"/ 250W, 8 x 20W Class-D, HF-1 x magnetostat + 4 x 1"
  • MP3 player with BT receiver (direct connection via Bluetooth-enabled devices)
  • Parametric filters (10 x PEQ)
  • 8 channel DSP
  • BEAM STEERING Technology: Electronic sound steering (electronic controllability of the vertical beam angle +/- 45 degrees)
  • Special software for system planning, control and remote monitoring
  • Tailored sound reinforcement: Optimal and fast adaptation of the systems to local conditions and straightforward readjustment
  • Sound arrives in high quality, easy to understand and with an optimal level in the audience
  • Excellent voice and music playback
  • Even sound coverage throughout the entire sound range
  • Minimizing disturbing reflections
  • Limiter
  • Noise Gate


Technical Details

Assembly (SUB) 2 x 8" LF chassis
Assembly (TOP PART) 10 x 3.5" Neodymium Chassis, 1 x RF Magnetostat, 4 x 1" Ball HF chassis
Audio input XLR (L + R) channel
Audio output 4 x XLR with DIP switch (MIC-LINE) + RCA
Beam angle (H) 120 degrees (-6dB @ 1kHz-8kHz)
Beam angle (V) 6 degrees to 14 degrees (DSP / SOFTWARE setting)
Beam control (V) +/- 45 degrees (from software V2.0)
Colour Black Matt
Construction Modular [Part A + B + C]
Coverage area 20 metres
Delay (system) up to 170 meters
Dimension (TOP PART) W-108 mm x H-1550 mm x D-117 mm
Dimension (woofer) W-365 mm x H-555 mm x D-550 mm
DSP channels 8 channel DSP
Equalization EQ LF / HF (+/- 12dB)
Equalization Parametric EQ @ input 10 x PEG 20Hz-21.0kHz, + -12dB, @ 0.05 oct-3.00 oct
Focus distance from 5 to 50 meters
Frequency response (SUB) 30Hz - 250Hz
Frequency Response (TOP PART) 170Hz - 18,000Hz
Housing (Woofer + TOP) Multiplex / powder coated aluminum
HPF filters 100 Hz, 6 dB / oct.
Input limiter -40dB to + 6dB
Input sensitivity (LINE) LINE @ DIP position -15 dB / + 5 dB
Input sensitivity (MIK.) MIK. @ DIP position -40 dB / -15 dB
Interface 1 x USB, MASTER
LF / RF filter (EQ) per input @ + / - 12 dB, 100 Hz, 10 kHz
Limiter: SLOW / NORMAL / FAST Yes
Noise Gate [LEVEL / ATTACK / RELAY] -90dB / -3dB (300us-5000US) (1 ms 3000ms)
Operating mode Active, Class D PWM AMP's
Overall dimension H-2120 mm
Phantom power 20 VDC
Power supply 230VAC / 50-60 Hz, OPTION: 115 VAC
MP3 player with USB / SD ports and BT receiver (direct connection via Bluetooth-enabled devices)  
Signal to Noise Ratio better 90dB @, software NOISE GATE setting
Software from version V2.0
System performance (SUB) 1 x 250 watts / sine wave
System performance (TOP PART) 8 x 20 watts / sine wave
Weight (TOP PART) 7.8 kg
Weight (woofer) 31.00 kg



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